Call it on the fly

January 6, 2010, 7:31 pm
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This is a recent blog I wrote for the Evolve website and my myspace page. I jacked a few quotes and sayings from previous posts, but I thought I would post it here anyways seeing how it’s recent writing.

The smell of sweat and leather invades the air. A musty, muggy heat causes an instant perspiration, creating a slick layer of sweat on my brow. The beads gather together and commence to pour. Thick, dense heavy bags hang from chains with a taunting aura amongst them. I scan the walls, wondering if they could reminisce the pain and blood that had surely been shed in their glory. A post with thick rope wrapped around it for demolishing the nerve endings in your shins, lies in predatorial wait for prey to attempt kicking it. This is the place fighters are bred, warriors. The slight, satisfying taste of blood in my mouth brings me back to reality.

“Ten more!” yells Davey Richards, holding a pair of worn, stiff Thai pads.

Using all of my reserve, I blast out another 10 roundhouse kicks with my left leg, exerting more force than I thought I had each time. Making sure to rotate my hip as he corrected me, my shins are raw and beat/beet red, a satisfying pain that foreshadows sustainability. The three-minute timer goes off to my relief.

The timer rings again and Davey begins to punish the Thai pads that I am now holding. Each kick unleashes a thunderous crack and is more precise and deadly than the last. An overwhelming sense of pity for his opponents succumbs over me, which in turn makes me pity those who stand in my own way, preventing my chance at glory. THWAK. Each powerful kick sends a shockwave though my spine, my forearms and wrists enduring an explosive attack. I don’t dare show any sign of pain or weakness. I feel myself evolving…

My Biology professor once told me to picture a year of the earth as a grain of sand. One year, one grain. He told me the next time I walk along a beach to picture the entire beach as years of the earth, our planet. To grasp the concept of evolution and how long and painstaking of a process it is, the metaphor helped me to realize how insignificant a human lifetime is in the process of evolution. For the first time in human history we are subject to witness an evolutionary phase sped up, to behold in front of our eyes. The evolution of a sport, of athletes, of a dream and a passion.

The timer goes off and I am again at the helm to attack, to train. Jab, cross, hook, cross, uppercut, right knee, left kick, each combo further fuels my desire to get better.

“Sprawl, Knees, Sprawl” Davey directs my destruction. The benefit of training with the best wrestler in the world, he knows my limits and ability and to keep pushing me beyond that threshold, to the point of no return.

The road to evolving is about sacrifice. Doing what is necessary to stand out amongst the elite. Whether it is the way you train, the way one carries themselves, the way we perform. Evolving can be measured in many ways, but in no way is to evolve for the weak of heart.  To get to this phase of evolution, I have done many things that I will continue to do. January 16, 2010 in Rahway I will do what I have done to get me to this point. I will put on my wrestling shoes, left then right. I will tape my wrists, tightly, black. I will warm up and stretch and create a systematic environment for my approach on breathing. I will go out and prove that I belong amongst the very best in the greatest sport on earth. 01/16/10