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Workout of the decade. 5/27/10
May 28, 2010, 1:06 am
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Chop some wood. I mean chop the shit out of some stumps. Get an axe, a sledgehammer and find a massive pile of oak stumps and chop the shit out of them until they are mobile and able to build a small log cabin out of. Or a teepee if that’s your style, unless you’re like me and you build a teepee inside of a log cabin to create a roaring fire not unlike the breath of a dragon that’s pissed at some mystical villagers.

8 hours. For 8 hours, split the wood. You’re aloud to take a break when needed and stay hydrated and well fed. Drink water, god never said it had to be cold, it just has to be wet.  My first meal was a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, turkey slices, cucumber, avocado and mustard. About every 2.5 hours I had a small meal. To be followed by chicken and broccoli. I would highly recommend raw steak as well, to add to the lumberjack mentality make a sandwich, raw steak between two flapjacks. 3 energy drinks were consumed in the battle that waged in my own self doubt about the task at hand. Too hot for coffesta (I hate myself for saying that). Wear sunscreen for the sun is unforgiving. The shitty thing about wet, oak stumps is that they are stubborn and unrelenting, unwilling to split with ease. Start with an axe, once you hit the sweet spot a small crack might begin to emerge. Strike the stump laden axe with your sledgehammer and the sweet satisfying sound of grains of wood being ripped at the seams will nourish your ears. Now I know how Moses felt when he parted the red sea, that sea ‘aint shit, stumps, yeah. Highfive Moses.

“Swing low, sweet chariot.” Only when your hands bleed from your palms do you know it’s nearing the end of your workout. Abs, shoulders, back, arms and legs should be beat into submission and at that point continue for another hour. Chopping the shit out of wood is no easy task, yet is satisfying in its own right. Flannel plaid shirts and earflap touques are not a necessity despite common belief. On a bonus you’ll earn about 1000 ‘man points’ which are redeemable for $0.00 Canadian, but are exchangeable for a cold post workout beer, or in my case a protein shake and some BCAA supplements, and an immediate nap where you dream of… chopping more wood. Don’t wake up with slumber lumber, you might be a bit trigger happy.

Above all, Choppin’ wood should be fun. Laugh about it and question your own sanity. Take a look in the mirror and slap yourself for doing so. Why aren’t you out chopping more wood, winter’s coming.

PS. Keep a wide stance when chopping, one little slip is all you need to make a nasty mess, we’re making wood splints here, not shin splints, pun intended.


Work out of the day 5/25/10
May 25, 2010, 11:23 pm
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The recent workout regimen has been consisting of plyometric and explosive workouts to strength and endurance. Today’s workout is a strength and endurance workout catered to legs and shoulders. Alternate each week from plyo to strength and conditioning.

7 am: Breakfast.

Today I had my sexual oatmeal again but tweaked it a little. ¾ cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and ½ cup of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt with 1 cup having 24 grams! It’s a little bland but I sprinkled cinnamon on it and was lovin’ the lord. Of course this meal goes hand in hand with 2 cups of coffesta, and in case you forgot that’s 2 parts coffee 1 part fiesta. 240 mg caffeine,  36 grams carbohydrates, and 37 grams protein.

Warm up

Agility drills on the agility ladder.

30 seconds jump rope with high knees right into 30 seconds high knees with 6 lb dumbells alternating shoulder press. High intensity for 3 sets. Zero rest in between sets.

Barbell squats

Add powerlifting chains to the inside of the barbell before adding the plates. The chains add resistance as you lower yourself and rise again more chain comes up off the  ground making the up phase that much more difficult. I’m not sure how much each set of chains weighs, I’d guess between 30 and 40 lbs.

Set 1. 225 lbs, 6 reps.  (not including chains)

Set 2. 275 lbs, 5 reps.

Set 3. 315 lbs, 4 reps.

Set 4. 335 lbs, 3 reps.

Set 5. 345 lbs, 1 rep.

*For the record Davey squatted 405 lbs, that’s 4 plates per side not including chains!

Barbell shoulder press

Move the upright seat into position in the squat rack and keep the chains on for a set of heavy shoulder press. Do 2 sets heavy for 4-6 reps. Then lighten the load and do 2 sets for 12-16 reps.

Super set 1

Plie squats

Plie squats or sumo squats require a wider stance with your feet pointed outwards. Still lower yourself to 90 degrees on the downphase and breathing out on the up.  Do 100 reps and switch right into…

Front/Lateral raise

With manageable dumbells alternate with each rep from a lateral raise to a front deltoid raise. 40 reps total.

Do each super set 3 times with zero/minimal rest. Total 300 squats and 120 front/lateral raises.

Super set 2

Hamstring curls. 30 reps.

Upright rows. 30 reps

Calf raises. 30 reps

Do each super set 3 times. Minimal rest.

Super set 3

Swiss ball bridge hamstring curl. 12 reps

Swiss ball hip bridges. 20 reps

Shoulder shrugs. 20 reps

Do each super set twice. Zero rest.

Post workout snack of a banana and a scoop of protein. Complete with stretching and a nap shortly thereafter. Fun!

Workout of the day 5/23/10
May 24, 2010, 3:58 am
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Workout of the day episode III.

Push day. After wrestling a solid thirty minute main event match on Saturday night what reason would I have to take the next day off from training? Possibly that I’m sore, or worn out, or that I’m lazy and a relaxing Sunday morning sounds too tempting. Fortunately this is not the case, Sunday workouts are the best! Davey worked the ROH show the previous night in Philly, and if he didn’t have an excuse to not be at the gym at 10am in St. Louis, what excuse did I have? The fact is that rising above and beyond, completing a training regimen that one is committed too is what separates the elite from the not so… We are all athletes in professional wrestling, I don’t care what anyone says, pro-wrestling is a sport. By no means am I encouraging overtraining or foolish persistence to train through injury. Everybody needs off days and time for their body to recover, rest is a virtue. I’m just trying to express my love for the Sunday morning training sesh and to encourage those to not be lazy once committed to something. I’m sure most workers can relate to the question of “Why do you do it?” Simply, because this is our job, and we take our job seriously.

8:30 am Breakfast. (Sunday does constitute a relative sleep-in)

¾ cup of oatmeal with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder. Both are acceptable. Add ½ cup of frozen blueberries, a healthy tablespoon of peanut butter and feel free to add a sprinkle of cinnamon. It is required that one enjoys 2 cups of black splenda-sweetened coffesta to complete the breakfast party. 240 mg caffeine, 27 grams protein, 54 grams carbohydrates, 10 grams fiber. A hearty start to the day and is remarkably delicious.

Warm up.

Agility drills on the ladder. Pivot on inside heals, weave throughs, butt kicks, high knees, hops etc. finish off with 4 sets of high knees while alternating shoulder pressing 15 lb. dumbells.

Medicine ball pushup pass: Find the heaviest medicine ball you can find and using a workout partner do a dropdown pushup and explode to your feet and pass the medicine ball to your partner while they do the same. For extra contraction hold a chest flex in between throws.

10 reps. 3 sets. 30 seconds rest (If you are training solo, you can place a bosu ball against a wall and pass the ball into the edge of the bosu, it’ll fly back at you)

One arm kettlebell bottom up clean and press: A slight difference in technique as the clean motion is more of a squat and swing through the legs. The bottom up press means that using your stabilizing strength in your wrists hold the handle with the bottom of the kettlebell upwards. This is a fairly advanced technique so be careful.

25 lbs. 10 reps per arm. 1 set.

Double Kettlebell squat military press: 52.7 lb Kettlebells. 6 reps. 4 sets. 30 seconds rest.

Barbell clean and press:

Set 1. 115 lbs. 6 reps

Set 2. 125 lbs. 5 reps

Set 3. 135 lbs. 5 reps

Set 4 145 lbs. 5 reps

Set 5 145 lbs. 5 reps

1-2 minutes rest.

Smith machine bench press throws: Using the smith squat/row/bench machine, do an explosive press and throw the weight as high as you can catching it into the down phase. Stay around 145 lbs, and around 6 reps. The key is explosiveness not strength, but you should be getting fatigued so strength is still a huge asset here.

6 reps, 4 sets. 1-2 minutes rest.

Plyo Pushups: Feet elevated on a bench and a step up platform underneath your chest, do a pushup and throw yourself up so that your hands are now on the platform, another pushup and continue.

10 reps, 3 sets.

Weighted dips. Feet and hands on opposing bench styles. Rest 2 plates on your lap. 3 sets of 20 reps.

Do some abs, it’s too hard to explain the exercise we did here without showing you firsthand. If you’re curious and see me in person, ask me to elaborate.

Finish off with some outdoor sprints.

5 sets of uphill wind sprints, 35 yard burts. 15 seconds rest.

4 sets of 50 yard flat sprints, backpeddle jog on the return.  Zero rest.

These sprints should put the fear of god in you. With the humid slap of the Missouri sun in your face you should be sweating up a storm. The Vancouver rain is also a wonderful sprint setting. The good news now is that if you’ve been strict on your diet throughout the week, since it’s Sunday, you’ve earned a cheat meal! Try to have something somewhat healthy with a decent source of protein at the very least. I had a pad Thai with double chicken post workout… and a bison burger with yam fries for dinner… YUM! Party on Garth.

Workout of the day 5/20/10
May 20, 2010, 6:03 pm
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When it comes to professional wrestling and other combat related sports, the style of training should be practical and relatable to one’s sport. In pro-wrestling for instance picture yourself in a “rest hold” or during the “heat” and going from little and controlled movement to an all out explosive burst during the next “spot”. Or grappling in Jiu-Jitsu, you explode to take someone down, and then calculate your next move whilst grappling on the mat with little wasted movement, only to explode again with a burst for a submission attempt.

When it comes to weight training most people get caught up in a bodybuilders mentality. I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous this style of training can be for those involved in combat sports. Your tendons and ligaments are often left neglected and you’re likely susceptible to injury. This is strictly my opinion however and while I agree, nothing beats a good pump on arms day, a series of explosive workouts 1 week out of the month can prepare your body for the stress of competitive sport.

Also, these quick and intense series of strength related, explosive workouts resemble the style of combat sports, specifically pro-wrestling. I can guarantee you won’t get blown up in the ring again with the simple alteration of your traditional workout regimen. You’ll stay mobile, flexible, strong able to perform to the best of your potential. I’d bank that most 155 lb fighters would beat the sweet holy Moses out of most 265 lb body builders.

7am, Breakfast. Oatmeal-egg white omelet. Blend a ½ cup of oatmeal with a cup of egg whites, begin cooking and add sliced turkey, spinach, avacado, tomato and onion. Serve with 2 cups of delicious coffesta. 240 mg caffeine, 340 calories, 36 grams protein, 32 grams carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber. Cholula hot sauce on your eggs is most sexual, and they also make Splenda with fiber now! Hurrah!

Barbell Snatches

Explode for strength and power. Load up the Olympic barbell and using legs, hips and shoulders, snatch the weight over head and hold for a beat.

Set 1.  95 lbs. 6 reps.

Set 2.  115 lbs. 5 reps.

Set 3.  125 lbs. 5 reps.

Set 4.  130 lbs. 5 reps.

Set 5.  130 lbs. 5 reps. ( I only got 4 reps)

An excellent, practical, all around explosive exercise, 1-2 minutes rest between each set. A heart pumpin’, sweatin’ to-the-oldies good time.

Dropdown Rows

Using an Olympic barbell, this exercise has become one of my favorites. Gripping the barbell with an overhand grip, feet shoulder width apart, do a dropdown or sprawl, arching your lower back doing a “Hindu pushup”. Quickly hop back to your feet and do a bent over row. Keeping good form this exercise is again for strength and explosiveness and should be pounded out with speed.

Set 1.  185 lbs. 6 reps.

Set 2.  205 lbs. 6 reps.

Set 3.  235 lbs. 5 reps.

Set 4.  245 lbs. 5 reps.

Set 5.  255 lbs. 4 reps.

Utilizing grip strength this exercise has 3 main components. The drop down/Hindu pushup, which engages your erector spinae (lower back) and pectorals. The hop back into position using your quads and glutes, and the bent over row, which obviously hits most of your back (Lats, Rhomboids, rear delts, teres major, biceps etc.) 1-2 minutes rest between setty poo’s.

Super set #1

TRX Band Rows. (Hang TRX Bands from a pull-up bar, or you can use a lowered barbell on a squat rack and grip hanging towels.) With your feet suspended on a bench or with a workout partner holding your feet, do a hanging row pulling your body up keeping your elbows in tight. 10 reps.

High-pulls. (Olympic bar with a 35 lb. plate per side, overhand wide grip, stationary position) Sumo squat with feet turned outwards, explode up pulling the bar above nipple level like an upright row. 6-8 reps.

Complete super set 4 times. 45-60 seconds rest.

Super set #2

Back extensions. Arms in front of you contracting your back on the up phase. 12-15 reps.

Swiss ball hip bridges. Upper back on swiss ball, thrust your hips and arch your back swinging your arms to either side per rep, as in a bridging suplex motion. 10 reps per side.

Complete super set 4 times. No rest.

Well there’s a good explosive pulling emphasized back/shoulders workout. Make sure you get your stretch on now and cool off. And you should probably warm up before you start too, but that goes without saying. Keep reps and weight limited to what you can handle with your own discretion. Have fun!

Work out of the day 5/18/10
May 18, 2010, 8:44 pm
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Things have been slow on the blog front as of late.  A gig writing articles for an online content website has taken a lot of my time and has shortened my patience with the written word. Lots to report on however, Ring of Honor in Dayton/Chicago, EVOLVE 3 in Rahway, NJ and Dragon Gate USA in Ontario to be brief.  Details to follow eventually, but because I’m bored here’s the workout Wes and I did this morning at 7am. After two cups of Coffesta’  (Obvs) and a bowl of Kashi go lean cereal with a scoop of protein.  240 grams caffeine,  320 calories, 37 grams protein,  45 grams carbohydrates, 11 grams of fiber and some good laughs, all of which is good for poopin’.

Super set #1

2 minutes of agility drills on an agility ladder. (various weaves, high knees, jumps, pivots etc.)

1 minute high intensity jump rope (high knees.)

10 reps medicine ball bounces. (Raise medicine ball over head and slam it down explosively.)

Complete Super set 3 times, no rest.

Super set #2

Depth Box Jumps.  (Set up 4 boxes ranging in height smallest to largest. Jump from box to ground to box, 3 times down the line)

Dropdown medicine ball squat jumps. (Drop down and sprawl with a handled medicine ball exploding to your feet, squat and jump pressing the ball over your head) 8 reps.

Complete super set 5 times, 45 seconds rest between each.

Super set #3

Smith machine leg press throws. (2 plates per side press and launch the platform catching it back into the squat) 15 reps

Kettlebell two armed long cycle press. (Swinging 65 lb kettle bell between legs with slight squat, popping your hips, explode the kettle bell over head, slight bend in elbows.) 8 reps

Complete super set 4 times, 45 seconds rest between sets.

Super set #4

Stationary Distance jumps. (Roughly 5 ft. continuous jumps for distance.) 12 reps

Suicides. (Line touch sprints. Use your own discretion on distance but it should be an all out burst of speed from each line that you touch back and forth.)

Complete super set 3 times. 1-2 minute rest between sets.

Finish off with 6 sets of 10 ab rollers with your knees on a bosu ball. You can use a swiss ball to roll but an ab roller is preferred. If with a partner have the other hold an ab plank while the other completes the reps and vise versa. No rest.

At this point you should be pretty drenched with sweat and seeing Jesus Christ when you close your eyes. This is a good plyometric workout, which focuses on fat burning, agility and leg explosiveness/endurance. Have fun!