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Work out of the day 5/18/10
May 18, 2010, 8:44 pm
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Things have been slow on the blog front as of late.  A gig writing articles for an online content website has taken a lot of my time and has shortened my patience with the written word. Lots to report on however, Ring of Honor in Dayton/Chicago, EVOLVE 3 in Rahway, NJ and Dragon Gate USA in Ontario to be brief.  Details to follow eventually, but because I’m bored here’s the workout Wes and I did this morning at 7am. After two cups of Coffesta’  (Obvs) and a bowl of Kashi go lean cereal with a scoop of protein.  240 grams caffeine,  320 calories, 37 grams protein,  45 grams carbohydrates, 11 grams of fiber and some good laughs, all of which is good for poopin’.

Super set #1

2 minutes of agility drills on an agility ladder. (various weaves, high knees, jumps, pivots etc.)

1 minute high intensity jump rope (high knees.)

10 reps medicine ball bounces. (Raise medicine ball over head and slam it down explosively.)

Complete Super set 3 times, no rest.

Super set #2

Depth Box Jumps.  (Set up 4 boxes ranging in height smallest to largest. Jump from box to ground to box, 3 times down the line)

Dropdown medicine ball squat jumps. (Drop down and sprawl with a handled medicine ball exploding to your feet, squat and jump pressing the ball over your head) 8 reps.

Complete super set 5 times, 45 seconds rest between each.

Super set #3

Smith machine leg press throws. (2 plates per side press and launch the platform catching it back into the squat) 15 reps

Kettlebell two armed long cycle press. (Swinging 65 lb kettle bell between legs with slight squat, popping your hips, explode the kettle bell over head, slight bend in elbows.) 8 reps

Complete super set 4 times, 45 seconds rest between sets.

Super set #4

Stationary Distance jumps. (Roughly 5 ft. continuous jumps for distance.) 12 reps

Suicides. (Line touch sprints. Use your own discretion on distance but it should be an all out burst of speed from each line that you touch back and forth.)

Complete super set 3 times. 1-2 minute rest between sets.

Finish off with 6 sets of 10 ab rollers with your knees on a bosu ball. You can use a swiss ball to roll but an ab roller is preferred. If with a partner have the other hold an ab plank while the other completes the reps and vise versa. No rest.

At this point you should be pretty drenched with sweat and seeing Jesus Christ when you close your eyes. This is a good plyometric workout, which focuses on fat burning, agility and leg explosiveness/endurance. Have fun!


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That’s insane! Think you could do it with a 110 lb girl on your back? 🙂

Comment by Robin

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