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Workout of the day 5/23/10
May 24, 2010, 3:58 am
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Workout of the day episode III.

Push day. After wrestling a solid thirty minute main event match on Saturday night what reason would I have to take the next day off from training? Possibly that I’m sore, or worn out, or that I’m lazy and a relaxing Sunday morning sounds too tempting. Fortunately this is not the case, Sunday workouts are the best! Davey worked the ROH show the previous night in Philly, and if he didn’t have an excuse to not be at the gym at 10am in St. Louis, what excuse did I have? The fact is that rising above and beyond, completing a training regimen that one is committed too is what separates the elite from the not so… We are all athletes in professional wrestling, I don’t care what anyone says, pro-wrestling is a sport. By no means am I encouraging overtraining or foolish persistence to train through injury. Everybody needs off days and time for their body to recover, rest is a virtue. I’m just trying to express my love for the Sunday morning training sesh and to encourage those to not be lazy once committed to something. I’m sure most workers can relate to the question of “Why do you do it?” Simply, because this is our job, and we take our job seriously.

8:30 am Breakfast. (Sunday does constitute a relative sleep-in)

¾ cup of oatmeal with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder. Both are acceptable. Add ½ cup of frozen blueberries, a healthy tablespoon of peanut butter and feel free to add a sprinkle of cinnamon. It is required that one enjoys 2 cups of black splenda-sweetened coffesta to complete the breakfast party. 240 mg caffeine, 27 grams protein, 54 grams carbohydrates, 10 grams fiber. A hearty start to the day and is remarkably delicious.

Warm up.

Agility drills on the ladder. Pivot on inside heals, weave throughs, butt kicks, high knees, hops etc. finish off with 4 sets of high knees while alternating shoulder pressing 15 lb. dumbells.

Medicine ball pushup pass: Find the heaviest medicine ball you can find and using a workout partner do a dropdown pushup and explode to your feet and pass the medicine ball to your partner while they do the same. For extra contraction hold a chest flex in between throws.

10 reps. 3 sets. 30 seconds rest (If you are training solo, you can place a bosu ball against a wall and pass the ball into the edge of the bosu, it’ll fly back at you)

One arm kettlebell bottom up clean and press: A slight difference in technique as the clean motion is more of a squat and swing through the legs. The bottom up press means that using your stabilizing strength in your wrists hold the handle with the bottom of the kettlebell upwards. This is a fairly advanced technique so be careful.

25 lbs. 10 reps per arm. 1 set.

Double Kettlebell squat military press: 52.7 lb Kettlebells. 6 reps. 4 sets. 30 seconds rest.

Barbell clean and press:

Set 1. 115 lbs. 6 reps

Set 2. 125 lbs. 5 reps

Set 3. 135 lbs. 5 reps

Set 4 145 lbs. 5 reps

Set 5 145 lbs. 5 reps

1-2 minutes rest.

Smith machine bench press throws: Using the smith squat/row/bench machine, do an explosive press and throw the weight as high as you can catching it into the down phase. Stay around 145 lbs, and around 6 reps. The key is explosiveness not strength, but you should be getting fatigued so strength is still a huge asset here.

6 reps, 4 sets. 1-2 minutes rest.

Plyo Pushups: Feet elevated on a bench and a step up platform underneath your chest, do a pushup and throw yourself up so that your hands are now on the platform, another pushup and continue.

10 reps, 3 sets.

Weighted dips. Feet and hands on opposing bench styles. Rest 2 plates on your lap. 3 sets of 20 reps.

Do some abs, it’s too hard to explain the exercise we did here without showing you firsthand. If you’re curious and see me in person, ask me to elaborate.

Finish off with some outdoor sprints.

5 sets of uphill wind sprints, 35 yard burts. 15 seconds rest.

4 sets of 50 yard flat sprints, backpeddle jog on the return.  Zero rest.

These sprints should put the fear of god in you. With the humid slap of the Missouri sun in your face you should be sweating up a storm. The Vancouver rain is also a wonderful sprint setting. The good news now is that if you’ve been strict on your diet throughout the week, since it’s Sunday, you’ve earned a cheat meal! Try to have something somewhat healthy with a decent source of protein at the very least. I had a pad Thai with double chicken post workout… and a bison burger with yam fries for dinner… YUM! Party on Garth.


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