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powerflax and beyond
July 12, 2010, 5:06 am
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I’ve struck gold.  A precious commodity is upon us that men will kill for and turn to madness in constant search for more. I am talking of course about PowerFlax cookies. Made by Red square ( they are a delicious, healthy and dare a say sexual meal replacement for those times during work or play when you need a hefty dose of yum. 24 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of fiber and 23 grams of protein per delicious cookie. I highly recommend, and they come in other varieties with less protein or less carbs. At $8.49 per package of 8 they are well worth the trip to the grocery paradise. Go Now! Enjoy!

Don't Judge me!

Powerflax cookies not to be confused by Powersauce bars.

Workout of the day.

Back day.

I started with a solid warm up of agility drills and dive bomber (hindu) pushups. I wasted no time, put my ipod up to 11 and loaded up the Olympic bar to do some zombie pulls. (dead lifts). There’s going to be a lot of bracketed info in this blog (there probably won’t be). Anyways, stop fucking around. This workout starts with a strength exercise such as deads with decent amounts of rest in between, focusing on the lift. After strength is complete we’ll dive right into a circuit of 4 exercises with a cardio burst in between, zero rest.

Dead Lifts

Set 1 warm up. 135 lbs 8 reps.

Set 2: 225 lbs. 8 reps.

Set 3: 315 lbs. 6 reps.

Set 4:  405 lbs.  4 reps.

Set 5: 425 lbs. 4 reps. I had to use straps for these last two sets and am less of a man for doing so.

About 1-2 minutes of rest between each set. Fuck I love deadlifts for the sheer endorphins that one gets, I may wake up under a bridge one day, naked beside crack junkies and a set of barbells which will be a true testament to my addiction.

Circuit time!

  1. Drop down barbell rows. (Davey’s invented exercise that I absolutely cannot get enough of. 185lbs on a barbell, over hand grip, do a drop down and explode onto your feet doing a bent over barbell row. Go for explosiveness here and get your rhomboids all hot and bothered. 6-8 reps.
  1. Lat pull downs. (use this exercise to catch your breath after the last one. Slow controlled movement and contraction, isolating your lats and squeezing until you cannot squeeze any harder… that sounded kinda gay.) 8-10 reps
  1. Renegade rows (In pushup position holding two 40 lb dumbells, do an alternating row while maintaining a steady core. You may need to widen the stance in your feet for better balance.) 20 reps or 10 per arm
  1. Towlie pulles (on a squat rack have a barbell suspended and hang two towels from the middle. Grip them and hang doing a pull up row using only your body weight. Do add difficulty suspend your feet from a bench.) 12-15 reps
  1. Cardio (hope onto a piece of cardio equipment preferably a treadmill or a stair master and for 90 seconds go as fast as you can)

Rest for 2-3 minutes between each of these supersets. You should be sweatin’ pretty good by after the first set but muscle on through for another 3 rounds going through the entire routine 4 times. It’s great for fat burning, endurance, explosiveness and don’t forget the dead lifts for strength.

Life as of Late

I’ve been busy working 2 jobs and living back in Vancouver. Things are slow on the wrestling front as of late for obvious reasons. I have been a part of some notable local indy shows such as ECCW’s Pacific cup which I am always excited to be a part of and perform to the best of my ability. I had a rad time last night wrestling Tony Baroni in Vancouver which was a war. Tony is becoming a threat on the pacific northwest scene and has heaps of potential.

I‘m excited to get back to the US and keep the momentum rolling on throughout the fall. Chikara’s Young Lions cup should be cool and I’m super stoked on my first overseas wrestling venture to England on October 9th! I rocked the grouse grind this morning for the first time this year and it was awesome! For those that don’t know the grind is a 3 km steep incline hike up to the top of Grouse Mountain. It’s a gasser and has some beautiful scenery to back it up. Sweatin’ to the oldies on tape. New weekly tradition for sure, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast before tackling this beast, this includes coffesta! I’m also working a short screenplay about Zombies for an indie filmmaker and putting together ideas for my first novel! Well that’s it for now, keep training hard it always pays off!

Top of Grouse Mountain!

Vs Billy Suede 2010 Pacific Cup

Vs Tony Baroni Van City

PS I was told my blogs are uninteresting without pictures (how ignorant right?). So yeah some pics and more frequent blogs are a promise from my end.


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consider yourself judged! you’re an addict!

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