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September 21, 2010, 2:45 am
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Hello interweb. I’ve been kind of lazy lately on the blog front so I figure I’ll let someone else do the work for me. Gabe Sapolsky wrote a great blog about the life, mind and times of a promoter/booker on the day of an important show. Gabe (EVOLVE and DGUSA) truly has a mind and passion for the professional wrestling business unmatched by anyone I have ever met, please check out his blog and give it the support it deserves. The best part about it, it mentions me!


September 4, 2010, 10:48 pm
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It’s been four long months since I last stepped into an EVOLVE ring. I stepped in knowing I was in for the fight of my life. I stepped in without the accompaniment of my mentor and my trainer. However, as I stepped in with confidence, resilience and the desire to compete only to step out in bitter defeat. TJP took me to the limit, as I did to him, only for myself to tap out. There shouldn’t be any shame in tapping out due to pain, “live to fight another day, avoid permanent damage.” Familiar phrases commentators and fighters alike often quote.  I can’t help but feel a sense of shame and disappointment. I was supposed to rise, not too fall, follow a path of undefeated supremacy amongst EVOLVE’s elite. I remember driving home from Rahway, looking into a blackened eye in the rear view mirror. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise I thought. Put my ego in check and bring me back to the foundation level of improvement and learning. I’ve studied the footage, trained harder and mentally prepared to continue in my personal quest of evolution.

They say the process of evolution began in the Ocean. Picture the wrestling business in general as the Ocean and the EVOLVE locker room as dry land. The Ocean is teeming with life and dry land is relatively uninhabited. Eventually a creature from the sea would venture onto dry land, the conditions are harsh, volatile and met with an enormous gravitational pull. After crawling a few inches onto land, the creature would return to the Ocean where it could live in ease amongst its peers. Eventually the creature would return continuously, developing lungs and feet, adapting to the extreme foreign environment. It’s odd and unlikely that a being would venture into such alien conditions unless compelled to do so by a situation of crises. A body of water receding over time may have forced animals to evolve, such as wrestling continues to grow stagnant and factory over time. It is now a time for the evolutionary process to be sped up at an incredible rate never before witnessed. The evolution of a sport, a style and an art. I can see and feel myself evolving, refusing to wait in the Ocean and drown amongst the breaking waves. I refuse to sink, I choose to swim. Not only will I venture onto land, develop and grow, I will climb the highest mountain that the earth has created. A challenging feat to say the very least, but the passion and desire is undying, willing me towards the base of a steady incline. No team of Sherpa’s or oxygen will be needed, I am alone now.

Which brings me to EVOLVE V. Or 5. Roman numerals make everything more epic, like the Rocky films. But yeah, EVOLVE 5, September 11th, Rahway, NJ. Ricochet. An unlikely pairing and a clash of styles. Ricochet is the ultimate testament to evolution in the world of pro-wrestling. He moves with precision and can fly through the air like a bird of prey. I recall my jaw dropping as I witnessed his performance against Johnny Gargano, it was as if the law of physics was non-existent causing Sir Isaac Newton to piss in disbelief. How does one keep a man like Ricochet grounded? To prevent his offensive attack I must counter his inane ability to take to the air. I’ll have to find a way to keep my head up, keeping my eyes above the ring’s equator yet keep my chin tucked in to avoid the knockout from his unexpected kicks. I envision myself separating Ricochet’s head from his shoulders with a lariat only to reunite said shoulders to the mat for a satisfying 3 seconds. I visualize Ricochet’s kick rattled ankle and knee grinding and crunching within my arms as I squeeze and twist his joint until the sound of tapping is heard over a horrified crowd. Visualization is key in the success of any sport, I mull over the outcome in my mind. It could end a number of ways, yet the same name will be announced as the victor. Kyle O’Reilly. 3-1.

For more theories of evolution and overcoming the egoic mind, please read “A new Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.