Call it on the fly

November 15, 2010, 11:59 pm
Filed under: Wrestling

All the breath is extracted from my lungs as I land directly on my head. I struggle to catch my breath and the lactic acid makes my legs feel like they weigh a thousand pounds. A sudden contemplation comes on like a sting in the back of my neck. I shun the desire to quit out of my head before it even has the chance to mature into an actual thought. I’ve never quit anything before in my life. “Get up, get up!” I tell myself, there isn’t much time. I can see Ricochet climbing the turnbuckle, fight or flight. I rush only to be met with another kick to the head and I tumble once again, in the match and in the EVOLVE rankings.

The following is 100% true. I remember first meeting Bobby Fish at the Harley Race/Pro-Wrestling NOAH camp in Eldon, Missouri in September 2008. He was the American representative for NOAH. I remember during a striking/”heat” drill I timed myself to slide into the ring as he did so that I could prove to the Japanese guys that I belonged amongst them. They were the reason I saved up that summer to make the camp, they were the reason I became a wrestler. I immediately blasted Fish with a stiff forearm to the neck. A thunderous crack echoed to the silence and awkwardness that swept over the other campers. Bobby retaliated and would proceed to kick my ass for the remainder of the drill. Elbows to my jaw and kicks to my chest would drop me to my knees and my ego to its very foundation. I learned a valuable lesson that day. It was time to re-build.

It was now January 2010. The rumbling of an anxious crowd’s energy transcends to behind the curtain. It is the first show of a brand new revolutionary wrestling company. It’s time for the first match in EVOLVE history and I walk to the ring accompanied by butterflies and Tony Kozina. I know I’m ready and I stand across the ring from a fighter who has one goal in mind: To knock me out. I battle with Bobby Fish and am declared the victor. To this day I still consider this the most important match thus far in my career. I remember being interviewed after the match by Lenny Leonard, which would later be cut from the DVD release. “Bobby Fish is an amazing competitor and anytime he wants a rematch, I’m down.”

Since EVOLVE 5 I’ve taken necessary precautions to avoid another loss in an EVOLVE ring. Another win can set me back on track towards supremacy in this company, a loss will leave my EVOLVE future in question. 6 am HIIT cardio sessions, 12 pm kickboxing class and sparring, 6 pm weight lifting and stretching, 7:30 pm Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu class. It is no secret that I am more prepared for this match than any other EVOLVE match I’ve had the honour of competing in.

It is now November 2010. EVOLVE 6 is a mere days away and Bobby Fish will get his rematch with Kyle O’Reilly. Despite having show stealing matches, Fish has found himself with a losing record of 0-4. He is hungry and in desperate need of a win. Desperate times call for desperate measures, this makes Bobby Fish is an extremely dangerous man. He has a family that he needs to feed and I am potentially the man that stands in his way. His back is up against the wall and like a rabid dog he will be forced to bite. However, There is no open space behind my back. After a successful start in EVOLVE I have lost my last few fights pitting me in a losing streak of my own. We both stand, backs against the wall, facing each other in a narrow corridor. Nose to nose, eye to eye, fist to jaw, foot to chest, elbow to neck, back to mat, 1 to 3.

Bobby, if you’re reading this… I hope you feel a mutual respect for me and for the sport that we both have an undying passion and love for. I hope you have been training hard for this match and you make sure to get a good rest on Friday night. I want the absolute best of Bobby Fish because I know this will be nothing short of an epic contest to determine who EVOLVE’s best fighter is. I use that term with confidence because I know as well as you that is exactly what we will both bring to the table come Saturday night. The fight. I will give you the fight of my life and I have no regret to inform you that it will end with my hand being raised. Kyle O’Reilly 3-2.