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Czech Interview
February 28, 2011, 11:35 pm
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Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while since my last blog update so I thought I’d start off again getting the ball rolling by posting an interview I did for a wrestling website in the Czech Republic. I’m working on getting some new blogs up soon, with my return to England and my debut in Germany!!


Kyle O’Reilly interview for Art of

Od David Pávek 23.2.2011, English, Exkluzivní rozhovory, Ostatní

Kyle_ikonkaKyle O’Reilly is young talent, that enrolled in the minds of fans by using his MMA-like style of wrestling, adapted from his mentor and friend Davey Richards. This native of Vancouver took a break from making people tap out and answered our questions.

What do you remember about your first match in pro-wrestling?
My first match in pro-wrestling was a Battle Royal in October 2005 involving myself and the group of wrestling students that I had/was training with from our local wrestling school. My first actual match was oddly enough a 6 man tag in a cage. It was an all cage match show and again it involved the group of guys I trained with.

Who are your idols in pro-wrestling?
My Idols in wrestling range from Dynamite Kid, Toshiaki Kawada, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Kenta Kobashi.

What can you say about your mentor Davey Richards?
Davey, in my opinion, is the hardest working guy in professional wrestling. He is constantly pushing the threshold, setting the standard for work rate, and he trains constantly always looking to improve himself. He demonstrates a dedication to the sport and everything he pursues unmatched by anyone.

What do you consider the best matches in your career to date?
As far as best matches go, it’s hard to pinpoint any. I feel like I’m constantly trying to improve myself so a match that I loved a few years or even months ago, I could look back at the footage and despise. I’m very critical and analytical of my work, but my favorite opponents include Billy Suede, TJ Perkins, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish among many others.

You’re sort of a „MMA Crossover“ type of wrestler, using big variety of lethal kicks and submissions. Did you ever think about possible MMA career after you retire from pro-wrestling? And if not MMA, what would your career look like outside of wrestling ring?
Well Davey and I currently train 5 days a week at a reputable MMA gym, so we definitely are prepared for the crossover of sports. I’m not oppose to fighting in MMA, but my main passion and goal is pro-wrestling. I never would have got into MMA if not for pro-wrestling so I’ve made wrestling my top priority for now. As far as other careers are concerned I’ve taken an interest in environmental design and landscape architecture.

In your opinion, which hold of your submission arsenal is the most painful or hardest to escape from?
I have a really strong triangle choke that is pretty difficult to get out of, especially when I start to elbow your head. A lot of the submissions I use are legitimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Catch Wrestling holds so they are designed to end a fight, making a simple arm bar extremely effective.

You and Adam Cole became great tag team in ROH in last few months. What are your thoughts on pairing of you and Adam, do you see you and Adam becoming tag team champions in ROH this year?
Tagging with Adam Cole has been awesome. He is such an insanely talented guy and our styles and concept of pro-wrestling mesh really well together. As far as the titles go, I’m more excited of the potential matches still within ROH that we could have. The Briscoes, Kings of Wrestling and American Wolves are all possible matches that would help us grow so well as a team.

What future do you predict for ROH, after it ends it’s TV run on HDNet?
I think ROH will continue to grow and continue to put on a quality product. I’m extremely thankful to be a part of this organization and I’m excited for it’s future.

What are your thoughts on EVOLVE, where it’s less about the storylines and way more about hard hitting wrestling and win-loss records?
There is a ton of hardworking, talented guys in EVOLVE. I think it’s something different in pro-wrestling, I just hope they get to do a lot more shows in 2011.

Evolve_Kyle2Who was the pro-biggest wrestling legend you’ve met, in the ring or outside of it?
I met Terry Funk backstage at Glory By Honor IX and he is by far the biggest legend I’ve met. An absolutely genuine, class act of a guy that was super nice. A true honor to have met him.

While not being in the ring, what do you enjoy the most? What are your „hobbies“?
I live a very training orientated lifestyle, Kick boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and weight lifting are all activities that I participate in regularly. Listening to music and reading helps me relax and I love to cook and eat!

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? If not, have you ever heard about our country, do you want to visit it someday?
Of course! Dominik Hasek was one of my favorite goalies growing up! The Czech Republic and Canada are big hockey nations so there was always a rivalry there in the Olympics, especially in 98′ when you guys kicked our butts! I have a lot of Czech friends and I would love to one day visit and see Prague.

What does the phrase „Art of Wrestling“ associate you?
Wrestling is an art form. Anything that can capture somebodies attention and emotions and make them invest their senses into something should be considered art. I love being a pro-wrestler and creating a collection of art that I can one day look back on and be proud of.

In what position do you see yourself after one year from this day?
One year from now I hope to still be healthy and rising the ranks within ROH. Increasing international experience and getting to perform quality matches to the best of my ability. Lots more traveling I hope!