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May 11, 2011, 3:51 am
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Bruise cruise

I had slightly bruised my arm at the WxW/CZW best of the best weekend. Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Skrull once again proved to be among the best teams that Adam and I have wrestled. Stiff kicks and arm bars left my right bicep in shambles.

I participated in NAGA the North American Grappling Association’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. Upping my MMA and Jitz training to such frequency I felt confident going in. Keith advised me to make the 179 lb. weight class and walking around at 186 I felt it would be pretty easy to cut weight within the week. I weighed in on the Saturday at 175 lbs. So I had cut an extra 4 lbs than needed. Upped Cardio, Sauna sessions, MMA classes and low carb intake had me make the weight easily. Unfortunately I lost in the First round via points losing 6-5. It was so much fun! A good first attempt and motivational factor for moving forward with my training. Next time I don’t think I’ll cut that much weight that fast though, it left me feeling weak and after working a match, an all night drive and lack of sleep I got gassed quick. Excuses are like assholes though, or so I’m told. Gained 12 lbs back again the next day via whole wheat pancakes and cereal attacks.

Lucha VaVoom

Matt Classic Jr. debuted for Lucha VaVoom in Chicago on Cinco de Mayo 2011, alongside his dad Matt Classic Sr. VaVoom was wicked, we arrived to the building in pimped out 1920’s gangster cars with flames shooting out the rear. Speaking of rear, MC Jr. would fall fatal to the Dirty Sanchez (Chocolate cake) shitty underwear in the face slam.

The following evening in Detroit ROH: Revolution USA, Adam Cole and I continued to grow and unite as a tag team in an all out war with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass. A great learning experience of a match, although Cole and I lost we have become wiser and more confident going into future battles.

On Saturday May 7th I returned to Toronto for ROH: Revolution Canada to face Claudio Castagnoli. I really enjoyed this match despite getting my ass choke-slammed and powerbombed. The Toronto crowd treated me well and I feel I’m improving leaps and bounds as a performer with every match.

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Circuit du soleil.

This is a hardcore gasser of a circuit that involves 10 compound exercise movements that will be done consistently for a 30 second burst. The rest period is walking to the next station, everything needs to be prepared and set up beforehand. This simulates an all out burst of exertion of every muscle group with a short recovery period to prepare for another sprint. Each “round” will take 5 minutes to mimic a full round of an MMA fight. The circuit is done 4 times with 1-2 minutes rest max between sets.

  1. Bosu Ball jump lunges.
  2. Barbell bench press (bands/plates).
  3. Renegade rows.
  4. Bicep curl to shoulder press.
  5. Dips with leg raise.
  6. Barbell lateral twisters.
  7. Laying down swiss ball hamstring curls.
  8. Squat to shoulder shrug.
  9. Drop down to jumping pull up.

10. Upright row.

30 seconds each exercise.

Okay so to clarify..

  1. Bosu Ball jump lunges, set up 2 bosu balls with a decent enough split to stand in lunging position on both of them and lunge jumping into alternating legs.
  2. For the bench, set up resistance bands with a 35 lb plate on a barbell, incline bench. Hammer out reps for the time period.
  3. Renegade rows with 35 lb dumbells, in pushup position alternate a single armed row keeping back strait.
  4. Curl to press, 25-35 lbs dumbells.
  5. On a dip rack, do a tricep/pec dip with a knees to chest leg raise at the top position.
  6. 10 lb plate on a barbell wedged into a corner. Hold one end strait in front of you and alternate twisting side to side.
  7. Laying on your back with a swiss ball under your heals, explode of your ass and curl the ball into your butt.
  8. 40 lb dumbells, deep squat and shrug at top position.
  9. Sprawl at the base of a chin-up bar and jump to a wide gripped pullup.
  10. 10.  45 lb curl bar, wide grip upright row.

Getting through the first 2 sets is the initial blowup. Usually you reach a steady state by the third set, but don’t use it to slow down. Try and keep track of how many reps you’re hitting at each station and either match it every time or try and hit 1 or 2 more.

Sexy Tilapia

Whole wheat Tilapia veggie pasta. Pan sautéed Tilapie with garlic roasted veggies and basil tomato pasta sauce.

Flax Pea-pro-cooksters

Sexual low carb flax protein peanut butter cookies.

These are a must for everyone and anyone. Such a sexual delight of flavor and protein/fat goodness.

2 scoops vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder.

¼ cup of ground flax meal.

¼ cup of skim milk.

1 teaspoon vanilla.

1 18oz. jar of peanut butter.

1 teaspoon baking powder.

1 egg white.

Mix ingredients together and place on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.