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Back in the game.
September 23, 2015, 12:19 pm
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It seems that after a prolonged absence I’m back to writing a blog. I don’t know what kept me away for so long and I don’t know why I’m suddenly compelled to continue. Perhaps certain events regarding my professional wrestling career as of late have relit a fire under my ass.

I was unsuccessful in capturing the ROH World title at the PPV this weekend against Jay Lethal. However, I was successful in kicking Jay’s all over the great state of Texas! Adam Cole (is a dickhead) BayBay and the only reason I’m not ROH Champion right now is because of him. Oh well, there’s always next time!

See my instant reaction here:

We filmed some great episodes of TV so keep tuning into your local Sinclair stations and/or Destination America on Wednesday nights!

After one day at home to relax, pack and eat Seoul Taco with my wife, I am once again in an airport. Although sore and tired from a 3 match weekend, I am reaping the benefits of the Delta Sky-Lounge. Complimentary oatmeal, hard boiled eggs *coughBEERcough* and a delicious house blend coffee compile a nutrient dense breakfast for my travels. Being a wrestler is stressful.

I am returning to Japan for 1 week with Bobby Fish. I’m at the bus depot boarding the reDRagon wagon which is the original Lex Express that we purchased and refurbished to travel in, what I said about the airport before was a lie.

NJPW Destruction in Kobe available of course at! ReDRagon defending the IWGP Jr. Tag team titles against the TimeSplitters. One of my favorite tag-teams to face are definitely the Splitters so this one should be a blast.

Thanks for reading, its up to you guys to keep me accountable so that I’ll actually keep writing these. The next 8 weeks carry a pretty hefty travel schedule with tons of international dates, so there could be some pretty cool stories. Or there might not be anything noteworthy at all, I don’t know. Life as a pro-wrestler can be extremely boring sometimes. Time to go board a Jumbo Jet, bye.

UPDATE: Since it took me a while to get this uploaded, I have now already been in Japan for two nights. Destruction in Okayama took place tonight and Bobby Fish and myself were victorious over Jushin Liger and Mascara Dorada. It was a top notch show overall, main evented by Kota Ibushi and Togi Makabe. After a post game meal at Bob’s BigBoy (which is much different from its US counterpart but delicious nonetheless) I have now returned to my room which by Japanese standards is quite large. Okay, time for bed. Another show tomorrow and the bus leaves at noon. Japan time is ALWAYS early so noon means 11:45, which means 11:30, which means 11:15…



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Great read of an update entry after 2 years of absence, Kyle. Hope to see you keep up with this blog since not many wrestlers do this type of thing.

Comment by Jonderic

Just started watching ROH & NJPW about 6 months ago and became a huge fan instantly. What really hooked me was seeing you live in Toronto as a single wrestler. Nice to see that you can compete in different styles. Keep up the hard work and stuck with this!

Comment by Robert Deleo

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