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February 25, 2013, 7:08 pm
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Well it has certainly been a while since I last updated my blog. For that matter it’s been a substantial amount of time since I’ve done any writing all together. Lack of inspiration, motivation and willingness to put in the time are all contributing factors, perhaps even sheer laziness.  My neglect in devoting any time to the written word truly stems from giving in to the resistance of everyday tasks and deeds. These inspire me to put off any sort of creative effort into anything that isn’t work, training, wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu. I have since read a book that has lit a proverbial fire under my ass in terms of recognizing what keeps me from finding a creative output and grinding through to actually create. “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield although at times preachy, still helped deliver the message of what it takes to bypass one’s inner struggles at developing creatively. The next book I read will hopefully help me deal with the inner struggles of the “run-on sentence”.

Wrestling as of late has been treating me really well. The last time I wrote about wrestling was during the infamous “Iowa incident” and had left a bitter, self-loathing taste in my mouth. Since July I have been busy however, working for various companies and producing a lot of matches I’m very proud of. Matches with Adam Cole, Davey Richards, BJ Whitmer and Eddie Edwards to name a few I can at least look back with a fond memory (until I critically observe them on tape that is).  My most recent endeavor in Ring of Honor has been that of forming a new tag-team with my former rival Bobby Fish. ReDRagon. We began to gel instantly as a unit and I’m finding my personality and character growing and thriving, which it desperately needed. Our debut match was against the American Wolves at Final Battle and although we came up short we showed the World we have what it takes to be amongst the elite in Tag-team wrestling. This Saturday is the ROH 11th Anniversary iPPV in Chicago and we will challenge the Briscoe Brothers for the ROH tag-team titles. Be sure to check out the show either live or on iPPV as it’s sure to be a tremendous event.

Training has been new and fun the last 6 months or so too. Weight lifting has gone from power lifting, to cross fit, back to body building, back to taking a hiatus at a twice per week full body routine. My full time attention as of late has been focusing on Jiu-Jitsu. Back in October I won Gold in the Chicago S-7 no gi 205lbs division. Considering I weighed in at 192lbs I gave those other heavy hoggies a run for their money. I felt motivated after that event and began to finally enjoy and have fun at BJJ class. Previously training in Jiu-Jitsu felt like a grind and a necessity, it took an awakening of finding enjoyment and fun through the sport to make me take it more seriously. I’m certainly glad I did. I’m also once again playing Hockey once a week and training in Rugby once a week with games on the weekend, when I’m not booked that is. Usually I’ll fly home on Sunday and be able to make it to a Sunday game on time. Ironic considering the club’s name is “Sunday Morning Rugby Club” they play the majority of their games on Saturday. Anyways, I’ve discovered a great group of guys amongst the team and their clubhouse headquarters are always a great time full of cheap beer and cheap laughs.

Before finishing I have to give a shout out to King Fale of New Japan Pro-Wrestling who has recently returned to Japan after spending 9 months in St. Louis on his traditional Japanese excursion. He is a native of Tonga and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Rewarded a rugby scholarship he went to Japan, played pro-rugby for a few years before joining NJPW and getting fully trained under their dojo system. He is the one that discovered the Sunday Morning club and introduced me to the guys. Having played rugby throughout high school and college I was on board. Anyways a true pleasure having gained Fale as a friend, training partner, colleague and team mate. I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter (@KINGFALE) and mention something about #ALIENS. Thanks man!

Well as sloppy and incoherent as this initial blog may have been at least I finally broke some ground and got off my ass, only to sit down my ass and actually type. Going to make this a regular thing hence forth so stop on by and leave a comment. Hoping to keep up to date with various workouts, submissions I’ve been working on, pro-wrestling dates and matches and meals I’ve concocted and tried. Thanks for your time. K


Post Atlanta workout and meal
April 7, 2011, 2:25 am
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Workout of the week.

Monday night post kickboxing workout, explosive legs and shoulders. It’s basically the same sort of format with supersets. This workout is designed for maximizing your shoulder’s push potential and adding an explosive leg dynamic.

Warm up: 5 minute round jump rope. A few failed attempts at criss-crossing your arms is acceptable.

1. Snatches. 65 lb kettle bell for 6 reps each arm for the initial set. For the next 4 sets barbell snatches at 135lbs. 3-4 reps each set. Squat wide with overhand grip and explode throwing the weight over your head and catching it with arms strait up.

Superset 1. Squat to high jump. 6 reps for the initial set at a moderate height. Next 4 sets alternate between 3 reps maximum high jump and 6-8 reps of squat jumps for distance down a large open space.

Now, complete superset 5 times at minimal rest before moving to next exercise.

2. Hanging cleans. 135 lb barbell for the initial set at 5 reps. Next 4 sets increase weight to allow you to do no more than 3 full out reps. In my case it was no more than 5lbs per side. Hanging at your waist, with overhand grip thrust hips forward catching weight in clean position, explosively press the weight overhead.

Superset 2. Machine upright rows. 15 reps at decent weight, I don’t understand those damn machine settings.

Superset 2b. Jumping lunges. 10 reps. Final set blast out 20 or more.

Complete superset 5 times yadda yadda.

3. Shoulder shrugs. Heavy dumbells or load up one of those shrug levers with plates. 12-15 reps all sets.

Superset 3. Swiss ball hamstring curls. Lying on your back with swiss ball under heels and ass in air. Pull the ball in as you explode onto your shoulders from the mat. 15 reps each set.

Superset total is 5.

Finish off on the bosu ball alternate lateral jumps while passing a medicine ball for 3 sets of 10.

Stretch out and the next day, which for me is today, shoulders and legs are destroyed, 3 classes of MMA tonight were rough to get through, but that’s how it goes.

It is now 2 days since this workout, traps and quads are still a wreck.

Okay this meal is a sautéed BBQ salmon filet (6-8 oz.) with roasted garlic and red onions. Served with a salad of 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 cup of cut steamed green beans and low fat mozzarella cheese. 55 grams of protein with 16 carbs and 7 grams of fibre.

Salmon sexuality

I guess I should reflect on this past weekend with it being such an important one for me professionally. Wrestlemania weekend in Atlanta, GA, Ring of Honor held two of their biggest events on iPPV with “ROH takes center stage.” Adam Cole and I wrestled Jay and Mark Briscoe on night one in an awesome encounter which saw the Briscoes finish off Cole with the Doomsday device. Night 2 (or day 2 I should say) would pit Adam and I against Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli in another top notch performance, however I would fall victim to Claudio’s pop up European/a double boot to the face. Adam and I are really proud of the fact that we could both stand ourselves up in honor after each bout and walk ourselves to the back despite the loss.

On Sunday Tony and I got an early start to our 10 hour drive back to St. Louis. Tony always has these adventurous routes that he likes to take, so we ventured through the scenic highway through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. “See a little piece of Heaven you might not get to see otherwise” Tony matter-of-factly puts it. That’s also his excuse when he gets lost, so take it as it is.

I was extremely glad we took this route because we stopped in Memphis, TN at the Lorraine Motel. The motel is the famous site of where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed on April 4, 1968. It has since been turned into a civil rights museum. Very surreal to be at a site of such an American historical significance. It being the day before the anniversary also added to the moment. We then ventured to Sun Studios of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash fame. Only to be completed by Tony taking a wrong turn on a 1 way street, and he couldn’t give a sweet Christ who he offended. “Well I’ll be damned.”


Mrs. Ippy

Tony Kozina and Kyle O'Reilly in honour of Martin Luther King Jr.

"I have a dream"

Tone at Sun Studios

"Ehhh yo"

"HAHA, I don't give a SHIT, these guys don't know nothin'" -Tony "What guys?!" -Kyle

This weekend is another pack one which starts on Friday as I wrestle Davey Vega at the St. Louis Anarchy show. Saturday I’ll fly to Philly for WXW’s United States tour for the highly anticipated re-re-match of Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole vs Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scrull. We tore it up in England and Germany, so we’re stoked to bring it to the US. Later that night I’ll compete in CZW’s Best of the Best tournament and my opening round contest will be myself vs Johnny Gargano AND Adam Cole in a 3 way dance. Versus Adam Cole you say? Interesting to see how this will play out.

On Sunday in New Jersey it’s another afternoon show with CZW versus Sami Callihan who is a tremendous fighter. And that night WXW to face Marty Scrull in an anticipated singles match.

Should be a wicked weekend of wrestling fun. I’ll have earned my cheat meal come Sunday night. I’ll post it if there’s some mad destruction, don’t judge me! Also, a massage will be in need come Monday, 5-7 matches in 3 days!

Workout of the week
March 29, 2011, 6:43 pm
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I’m trying to get back in the habit of keeping a training journal of my various workout regimens like I once did with my “workout of the day” posts. I guess I take the style of training we do for granted and I guess I didn’t realize how different from the traditional styles of training we fray. I had yet to realize it fully until the other day someone came up to me in the gym and asked what I was training for and our workouts looked “insane”. Training with Davey Richards and Tony Kozina sets up a unique foundation for being creative when we weight lift.  Being professional wrestlers, the key to injury prevention when every weekend is a strain on your body is functional, sport specific weight lifting. Our main training focus is MMA anyways so weight lifting is limited to a maximum of thrice per week. For example:

Monday, kickboxing class, weight lifting

Tuesday, MMA, muay thai, jiu-jitsu

Wednesday, kickboxing, weight lifting, sparring

Thursday, MMA, muay thai, jiu-jitsu

Friday, wrestle

Saturday, weight lifting, wrestle

Sunday, cardio

This split is a perfect fit for my goals and lifestyle. Avoid this style of training is you don’t want increased flexibility, increased power, explosiveness and strength or exceptional endurance. Maybe you really should avoid this workout if you’re looking to body build, but I can’t recommend it enough if you’re an athlete trying to push yourself to the top level of competition.

So on Saturday the session was mainly consistent with work on agility and pulling exercises, incorporating both strength and explosiveness. Previously endurance sets were placed in the workout but with heightened MMA our endurance exercise mainly comes from that form of body conditioning.

Warm up:

5 strait minutes of jump rope at a moderate pace.

An aerobics room with set up agility stations would help at this point but I’ll try to explain and visualize until I can post pictures up.

-3 hurdles at 4.5’ lined in a row. (The base of grounded punching bags with jump rope tied across)

-An agility ladder.

-Swiss ball

In a continuous circle complete a high jump over each hurdle, have a training partner hold the swiss ball and resist as you drive into the ball to the end of the gym and back. Complete 4 rotations of agilities on the ladder eg. High knees, butt kicks, lateral quickstep, single foot jumps, etc.

Complete this rotation 4 times through and then take a couple sets of just jumping the hurdles, bear crawling through, then jumping through and sprawling.

You have successfully warmed up.

The weighted portion of this workout 2 major explosive exercises and 1 strength exercise super-setted with 3 other exercises.

1.     Drop-down rows. 225lb barbell on ground with an overhand grip, sprawl out and then back to your feet completing a bent over barbell row. 6 reps of maximum explosion.

Super set 1. Bicep hammer curls. 20 reps each arm total at about 25-30 lbs.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

2.     Sumo high-pulls. 135lb barbell on ground with overhand grip and in a sumo-squat stance. Explode up from the squat into a standing upright row as high as you can thrusting your hips forward and onto your toes. 6 reps.

Super set 2. Shoulder shrugs dumbbell or machine, max weight you can handle for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

3.     Romanian dead lift. Standing on a support box holding a 155 lb barbell, bending over flexing your hamstrings with 12 slow contracting reps.

Super set 3. Ab roller, or a swiss ball ab exercise for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before wrapping up with 30 minutes of stair-master steady state cardio.

My hamstrings were/are fried for about 2-3 days after this so make sure you stretch your legs and back out really well after this workout.

Post workout meal

Ideally after a tough training sessions such as this, your post workout meal should consist of a fast acting protein source and a fast digesting carbohydrate. A banana and a whey protein/glutamine shake is perfect immediately following this.

I consider myself a bit of a connossieur in healthy and delicious cooking. I usually make at least one exciting, new dish a week to keep my cooking skills fresh and my creative ideas fresher.

This is my grilled steak kabob with roast garlic, orange bell peppers and red onion. Served with a spinach and cucumber salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Accompanied with a steamy side of fresh broccoli. About 40-50 grams of protein and about 12-15 grams of carbs.

So go out and try this workout and this tasty meal as your delicious reward. Let me know how you all like it!

Active living
July 26, 2010, 5:39 am
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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  – Andre Gide

Greenroofing is the latest craze that’s swiffering the nation. It’s an architectural concept of growing vegetation and plant life on the roof of a building for a number of various reasons. With the entire “green” mentality that’s taking over the world, greenroofs are a concept that allows corporations and companies an opportunity to minimize the carbon footprint they leave behind. Although I don’t completely agree with this reasoning, it’s kind of like BP planting a bunch of trees to make up for the gulf oil spill. The word “green” is thrown around a lot these days, often politically charged, wholeheartedly embraced and often received with resent (“damn tree hugging hippies”).  Besides building a positive public image through greenroofs, these buildings also can sustain various wildlife and provide a more natural landscape. There are countless ecological benefits to greenroofing, they can naturally filter airborne toxins as well as provide a substantial storm water management capacity. Greenroofs mainly consist of several layers of a root restricting material and a water-retaining layer that as it evaporates, keeps plants alive during long periods of drought.


Extensive greenroofs are classified from the amount of grow median used and the weight and type of plants used during the landscaping process. In this case, our extensive greenroof provided soil around 4 inches thick with 14,000 seedums planted spanning the 7000 sq. ft. area.

Extensive. Similar to the one we did.

An intensive greenroof contains  12-15 inches of soil maxing out at 15 feet of soil and can contain trees and other substantially larger plants. With benefits to the building it houses as well, such as reduced cooling bills in the summer and less impact on heating during the winter, greenroofs actually aid the environment in a less direct way as well.  With a positive impact on LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) it is a sustainable way to reduce energy costs. I’m still in the researching process of this fascinating field (pun intended) but I’ve grown a soft spot for landscaping and re-forestation. A possible post-wrestling, pre-firefighting career choice may be in the works, as the concept and name is only going to become more widespread as the years go on and our planet becomes more destroyed. Ladder experience is always an asset. So yeah, that’s where I’ve been the last week. Building a greenroof in Port Alberni which just happens to be a short drive from… Tofino!


The water is cold and wet. Well of course it’s wet, it’s water. The taste of salt marinates my lips as I paddle into oncoming crashing breaks of white off the Vancouver Island coast. My surfboard awkwardly balances unevenly under my fatiguing upper body. Another wave crashes onto me, followed by another. The tide is coming in with a relentless force, I tumble, ass-over-tea-kettle amongst the roaring surf. What would a sport be if it didn’t break your spirit, topple you over and make you hop right back on? I now love surfing. It is an insane workout and fun activity that will constantly create an everlasting room for improvement. I struggle, to catch my bearings. Am I upside down, or right side up? I guess that question would be answered determined on where the surface of the Ocean is. I gasp for air and swallow some sea water as I reach the oxygen infused atmosphere. A seagull “gawks” at me. Fuck you seagull. I climb back on my board and get back in line for another sweet series of rad waves. Catching one, and another I am encouraged by the rewarding feeling of helplessness that the energy of breaking ocean charges into your board with a force that can manage humans to stand on an object and play water-walking Christ. The concept and thought of how surfing developed must be an interesting history lesson.

What I’m getting at is that active living during the summer months is just as effective as frequent gym hitting.  Vancouver is a perfect spot for outdoor activities that will challenge your mental and physical limits quickly. I went Kayaking today in False Creek and surrounded by the lively atmosphere of Granville Island, one can’t help but get an overwhelming good feeling. Kayaking will wear out your core pretty quickly as balance is a big part of maintaining your dryness. Chest and back muscles come into play as you paddle and after short all out speed bursts, one is quickly reminded that kayaking is indeed a hardcore Olympic sport. It’ll wear you out, and you’ll be so stoked at the end of it all.

The Grouse grind is another obstacle that I’ve been making an effort at toppling as much as possible this summer. The north shore is such a haven for endless outdoor opportunities including hiking and kayaking alike. All around us is a playground unlike any other place on planet earth. Where else can you go snowboarding or snowshoeing only to paddle through the inlet of a major metropolitan city in the same afternoon?  Running/biking/rollerblading the seawall is a great way to absorb some sun, breathe some fresh nautical air and get a glimpse at Stanley’s lungs of Vancouver. There’s so much opportunity to do adventurous things around us all that you will get a rush from. Rock climbing, wind surfing, bungee jumping, beach volleyball, golf, we’re subject to the World’s best backyard so take advantage of it, and never take mother nature for granted. Even tree climbing, portaging, carving totem poles, clotheslining homeless people as you run down Hastings, wrestling grizzlies, eating flapjacks, digging senseless holes and beating up jabronis are other great activities suited best for BC’s landscape. Toss a football around for chrissakes.

Workout of the Day

Heavy bag, Skipping rope, Boxing gloves and a timer.

2 minutes skipping.

3 minutes kickboxing combos.  I mixed it up for each round. At first I did a 4 combo (jab, cross, hook, cross) for all 3 minutes. Then I would do three 3 combos (jab, cross, hook) and 3 kicks right, 3 kicks left, 3 alternating knees and drop down for 3 pushups for all 3 minutes.  Just mix it up as much as you can. Maybe do an all kicking round and with 30 seconds left a jab/cross burnout. Your chance to be the trainer and be creative but don’t let your client slack, it’s you.

Do each 5 minute round six times. Maybe 1-2 minutes rest in between rounds. But if you can try to use your 2 minutes skipping as a way to reach steady state before the next warrior round of kickboxing combos, do it. That way you continue constantly for 30-35 minutes. Pretty rad workout, I usually get pretty gassed from it. I try to do a light warm up shadowboxing round before the vigorous stuff. And after cool down with a light jog or if you feel insane some wind sprints. Insanity is a virtue.

To quote the 2 most inspirational fitness gurus of a generation. “Keep fit and have fun” –Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod (Team Bodybreak)

powerflax and beyond
July 12, 2010, 5:06 am
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I’ve struck gold.  A precious commodity is upon us that men will kill for and turn to madness in constant search for more. I am talking of course about PowerFlax cookies. Made by Red square ( they are a delicious, healthy and dare a say sexual meal replacement for those times during work or play when you need a hefty dose of yum. 24 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of fiber and 23 grams of protein per delicious cookie. I highly recommend, and they come in other varieties with less protein or less carbs. At $8.49 per package of 8 they are well worth the trip to the grocery paradise. Go Now! Enjoy!

Don't Judge me!

Powerflax cookies not to be confused by Powersauce bars.

Workout of the day.

Back day.

I started with a solid warm up of agility drills and dive bomber (hindu) pushups. I wasted no time, put my ipod up to 11 and loaded up the Olympic bar to do some zombie pulls. (dead lifts). There’s going to be a lot of bracketed info in this blog (there probably won’t be). Anyways, stop fucking around. This workout starts with a strength exercise such as deads with decent amounts of rest in between, focusing on the lift. After strength is complete we’ll dive right into a circuit of 4 exercises with a cardio burst in between, zero rest.

Dead Lifts

Set 1 warm up. 135 lbs 8 reps.

Set 2: 225 lbs. 8 reps.

Set 3: 315 lbs. 6 reps.

Set 4:  405 lbs.  4 reps.

Set 5: 425 lbs. 4 reps. I had to use straps for these last two sets and am less of a man for doing so.

About 1-2 minutes of rest between each set. Fuck I love deadlifts for the sheer endorphins that one gets, I may wake up under a bridge one day, naked beside crack junkies and a set of barbells which will be a true testament to my addiction.

Circuit time!

  1. Drop down barbell rows. (Davey’s invented exercise that I absolutely cannot get enough of. 185lbs on a barbell, over hand grip, do a drop down and explode onto your feet doing a bent over barbell row. Go for explosiveness here and get your rhomboids all hot and bothered. 6-8 reps.
  1. Lat pull downs. (use this exercise to catch your breath after the last one. Slow controlled movement and contraction, isolating your lats and squeezing until you cannot squeeze any harder… that sounded kinda gay.) 8-10 reps
  1. Renegade rows (In pushup position holding two 40 lb dumbells, do an alternating row while maintaining a steady core. You may need to widen the stance in your feet for better balance.) 20 reps or 10 per arm
  1. Towlie pulles (on a squat rack have a barbell suspended and hang two towels from the middle. Grip them and hang doing a pull up row using only your body weight. Do add difficulty suspend your feet from a bench.) 12-15 reps
  1. Cardio (hope onto a piece of cardio equipment preferably a treadmill or a stair master and for 90 seconds go as fast as you can)

Rest for 2-3 minutes between each of these supersets. You should be sweatin’ pretty good by after the first set but muscle on through for another 3 rounds going through the entire routine 4 times. It’s great for fat burning, endurance, explosiveness and don’t forget the dead lifts for strength.

Life as of Late

I’ve been busy working 2 jobs and living back in Vancouver. Things are slow on the wrestling front as of late for obvious reasons. I have been a part of some notable local indy shows such as ECCW’s Pacific cup which I am always excited to be a part of and perform to the best of my ability. I had a rad time last night wrestling Tony Baroni in Vancouver which was a war. Tony is becoming a threat on the pacific northwest scene and has heaps of potential.

I‘m excited to get back to the US and keep the momentum rolling on throughout the fall. Chikara’s Young Lions cup should be cool and I’m super stoked on my first overseas wrestling venture to England on October 9th! I rocked the grouse grind this morning for the first time this year and it was awesome! For those that don’t know the grind is a 3 km steep incline hike up to the top of Grouse Mountain. It’s a gasser and has some beautiful scenery to back it up. Sweatin’ to the oldies on tape. New weekly tradition for sure, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast before tackling this beast, this includes coffesta! I’m also working a short screenplay about Zombies for an indie filmmaker and putting together ideas for my first novel! Well that’s it for now, keep training hard it always pays off!

Top of Grouse Mountain!

Vs Billy Suede 2010 Pacific Cup

Vs Tony Baroni Van City

PS I was told my blogs are uninteresting without pictures (how ignorant right?). So yeah some pics and more frequent blogs are a promise from my end.

Workout of the decade. 5/27/10
May 28, 2010, 1:06 am
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Chop some wood. I mean chop the shit out of some stumps. Get an axe, a sledgehammer and find a massive pile of oak stumps and chop the shit out of them until they are mobile and able to build a small log cabin out of. Or a teepee if that’s your style, unless you’re like me and you build a teepee inside of a log cabin to create a roaring fire not unlike the breath of a dragon that’s pissed at some mystical villagers.

8 hours. For 8 hours, split the wood. You’re aloud to take a break when needed and stay hydrated and well fed. Drink water, god never said it had to be cold, it just has to be wet.  My first meal was a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, turkey slices, cucumber, avocado and mustard. About every 2.5 hours I had a small meal. To be followed by chicken and broccoli. I would highly recommend raw steak as well, to add to the lumberjack mentality make a sandwich, raw steak between two flapjacks. 3 energy drinks were consumed in the battle that waged in my own self doubt about the task at hand. Too hot for coffesta (I hate myself for saying that). Wear sunscreen for the sun is unforgiving. The shitty thing about wet, oak stumps is that they are stubborn and unrelenting, unwilling to split with ease. Start with an axe, once you hit the sweet spot a small crack might begin to emerge. Strike the stump laden axe with your sledgehammer and the sweet satisfying sound of grains of wood being ripped at the seams will nourish your ears. Now I know how Moses felt when he parted the red sea, that sea ‘aint shit, stumps, yeah. Highfive Moses.

“Swing low, sweet chariot.” Only when your hands bleed from your palms do you know it’s nearing the end of your workout. Abs, shoulders, back, arms and legs should be beat into submission and at that point continue for another hour. Chopping the shit out of wood is no easy task, yet is satisfying in its own right. Flannel plaid shirts and earflap touques are not a necessity despite common belief. On a bonus you’ll earn about 1000 ‘man points’ which are redeemable for $0.00 Canadian, but are exchangeable for a cold post workout beer, or in my case a protein shake and some BCAA supplements, and an immediate nap where you dream of… chopping more wood. Don’t wake up with slumber lumber, you might be a bit trigger happy.

Above all, Choppin’ wood should be fun. Laugh about it and question your own sanity. Take a look in the mirror and slap yourself for doing so. Why aren’t you out chopping more wood, winter’s coming.

PS. Keep a wide stance when chopping, one little slip is all you need to make a nasty mess, we’re making wood splints here, not shin splints, pun intended.

Work out of the day 5/25/10
May 25, 2010, 11:23 pm
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The recent workout regimen has been consisting of plyometric and explosive workouts to strength and endurance. Today’s workout is a strength and endurance workout catered to legs and shoulders. Alternate each week from plyo to strength and conditioning.

7 am: Breakfast.

Today I had my sexual oatmeal again but tweaked it a little. ¾ cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and ½ cup of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt with 1 cup having 24 grams! It’s a little bland but I sprinkled cinnamon on it and was lovin’ the lord. Of course this meal goes hand in hand with 2 cups of coffesta, and in case you forgot that’s 2 parts coffee 1 part fiesta. 240 mg caffeine,  36 grams carbohydrates, and 37 grams protein.

Warm up

Agility drills on the agility ladder.

30 seconds jump rope with high knees right into 30 seconds high knees with 6 lb dumbells alternating shoulder press. High intensity for 3 sets. Zero rest in between sets.

Barbell squats

Add powerlifting chains to the inside of the barbell before adding the plates. The chains add resistance as you lower yourself and rise again more chain comes up off the  ground making the up phase that much more difficult. I’m not sure how much each set of chains weighs, I’d guess between 30 and 40 lbs.

Set 1. 225 lbs, 6 reps.  (not including chains)

Set 2. 275 lbs, 5 reps.

Set 3. 315 lbs, 4 reps.

Set 4. 335 lbs, 3 reps.

Set 5. 345 lbs, 1 rep.

*For the record Davey squatted 405 lbs, that’s 4 plates per side not including chains!

Barbell shoulder press

Move the upright seat into position in the squat rack and keep the chains on for a set of heavy shoulder press. Do 2 sets heavy for 4-6 reps. Then lighten the load and do 2 sets for 12-16 reps.

Super set 1

Plie squats

Plie squats or sumo squats require a wider stance with your feet pointed outwards. Still lower yourself to 90 degrees on the downphase and breathing out on the up.  Do 100 reps and switch right into…

Front/Lateral raise

With manageable dumbells alternate with each rep from a lateral raise to a front deltoid raise. 40 reps total.

Do each super set 3 times with zero/minimal rest. Total 300 squats and 120 front/lateral raises.

Super set 2

Hamstring curls. 30 reps.

Upright rows. 30 reps

Calf raises. 30 reps

Do each super set 3 times. Minimal rest.

Super set 3

Swiss ball bridge hamstring curl. 12 reps

Swiss ball hip bridges. 20 reps

Shoulder shrugs. 20 reps

Do each super set twice. Zero rest.

Post workout snack of a banana and a scoop of protein. Complete with stretching and a nap shortly thereafter. Fun!