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Post Atlanta workout and meal
April 7, 2011, 2:25 am
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Workout of the week.

Monday night post kickboxing workout, explosive legs and shoulders. It’s basically the same sort of format with supersets. This workout is designed for maximizing your shoulder’s push potential and adding an explosive leg dynamic.

Warm up: 5 minute round jump rope. A few failed attempts at criss-crossing your arms is acceptable.

1. Snatches. 65 lb kettle bell for 6 reps each arm for the initial set. For the next 4 sets barbell snatches at 135lbs. 3-4 reps each set. Squat wide with overhand grip and explode throwing the weight over your head and catching it with arms strait up.

Superset 1. Squat to high jump. 6 reps for the initial set at a moderate height. Next 4 sets alternate between 3 reps maximum high jump and 6-8 reps of squat jumps for distance down a large open space.

Now, complete superset 5 times at minimal rest before moving to next exercise.

2. Hanging cleans. 135 lb barbell for the initial set at 5 reps. Next 4 sets increase weight to allow you to do no more than 3 full out reps. In my case it was no more than 5lbs per side. Hanging at your waist, with overhand grip thrust hips forward catching weight in clean position, explosively press the weight overhead.

Superset 2. Machine upright rows. 15 reps at decent weight, I don’t understand those damn machine settings.

Superset 2b. Jumping lunges. 10 reps. Final set blast out 20 or more.

Complete superset 5 times yadda yadda.

3. Shoulder shrugs. Heavy dumbells or load up one of those shrug levers with plates. 12-15 reps all sets.

Superset 3. Swiss ball hamstring curls. Lying on your back with swiss ball under heels and ass in air. Pull the ball in as you explode onto your shoulders from the mat. 15 reps each set.

Superset total is 5.

Finish off on the bosu ball alternate lateral jumps while passing a medicine ball for 3 sets of 10.

Stretch out and the next day, which for me is today, shoulders and legs are destroyed, 3 classes of MMA tonight were rough to get through, but that’s how it goes.

It is now 2 days since this workout, traps and quads are still a wreck.

Okay this meal is a sautéed BBQ salmon filet (6-8 oz.) with roasted garlic and red onions. Served with a salad of 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 cup of cut steamed green beans and low fat mozzarella cheese. 55 grams of protein with 16 carbs and 7 grams of fibre.

Salmon sexuality

I guess I should reflect on this past weekend with it being such an important one for me professionally. Wrestlemania weekend in Atlanta, GA, Ring of Honor held two of their biggest events on iPPV with “ROH takes center stage.” Adam Cole and I wrestled Jay and Mark Briscoe on night one in an awesome encounter which saw the Briscoes finish off Cole with the Doomsday device. Night 2 (or day 2 I should say) would pit Adam and I against Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli in another top notch performance, however I would fall victim to Claudio’s pop up European/a double boot to the face. Adam and I are really proud of the fact that we could both stand ourselves up in honor after each bout and walk ourselves to the back despite the loss.

On Sunday Tony and I got an early start to our 10 hour drive back to St. Louis. Tony always has these adventurous routes that he likes to take, so we ventured through the scenic highway through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. “See a little piece of Heaven you might not get to see otherwise” Tony matter-of-factly puts it. That’s also his excuse when he gets lost, so take it as it is.

I was extremely glad we took this route because we stopped in Memphis, TN at the Lorraine Motel. The motel is the famous site of where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed on April 4, 1968. It has since been turned into a civil rights museum. Very surreal to be at a site of such an American historical significance. It being the day before the anniversary also added to the moment. We then ventured to Sun Studios of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash fame. Only to be completed by Tony taking a wrong turn on a 1 way street, and he couldn’t give a sweet Christ who he offended. “Well I’ll be damned.”


Mrs. Ippy

Tony Kozina and Kyle O'Reilly in honour of Martin Luther King Jr.

"I have a dream"

Tone at Sun Studios

"Ehhh yo"

"HAHA, I don't give a SHIT, these guys don't know nothin'" -Tony "What guys?!" -Kyle

This weekend is another pack one which starts on Friday as I wrestle Davey Vega at the St. Louis Anarchy show. Saturday I’ll fly to Philly for WXW’s United States tour for the highly anticipated re-re-match of Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole vs Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scrull. We tore it up in England and Germany, so we’re stoked to bring it to the US. Later that night I’ll compete in CZW’s Best of the Best tournament and my opening round contest will be myself vs Johnny Gargano AND Adam Cole in a 3 way dance. Versus Adam Cole you say? Interesting to see how this will play out.

On Sunday in New Jersey it’s another afternoon show with CZW versus Sami Callihan who is a tremendous fighter. And that night WXW to face Marty Scrull in an anticipated singles match.

Should be a wicked weekend of wrestling fun. I’ll have earned my cheat meal come Sunday night. I’ll post it if there’s some mad destruction, don’t judge me! Also, a massage will be in need come Monday, 5-7 matches in 3 days!


Workout of the week
March 29, 2011, 6:43 pm
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I’m trying to get back in the habit of keeping a training journal of my various workout regimens like I once did with my “workout of the day” posts. I guess I take the style of training we do for granted and I guess I didn’t realize how different from the traditional styles of training we fray. I had yet to realize it fully until the other day someone came up to me in the gym and asked what I was training for and our workouts looked “insane”. Training with Davey Richards and Tony Kozina sets up a unique foundation for being creative when we weight lift.  Being professional wrestlers, the key to injury prevention when every weekend is a strain on your body is functional, sport specific weight lifting. Our main training focus is MMA anyways so weight lifting is limited to a maximum of thrice per week. For example:

Monday, kickboxing class, weight lifting

Tuesday, MMA, muay thai, jiu-jitsu

Wednesday, kickboxing, weight lifting, sparring

Thursday, MMA, muay thai, jiu-jitsu

Friday, wrestle

Saturday, weight lifting, wrestle

Sunday, cardio

This split is a perfect fit for my goals and lifestyle. Avoid this style of training is you don’t want increased flexibility, increased power, explosiveness and strength or exceptional endurance. Maybe you really should avoid this workout if you’re looking to body build, but I can’t recommend it enough if you’re an athlete trying to push yourself to the top level of competition.

So on Saturday the session was mainly consistent with work on agility and pulling exercises, incorporating both strength and explosiveness. Previously endurance sets were placed in the workout but with heightened MMA our endurance exercise mainly comes from that form of body conditioning.

Warm up:

5 strait minutes of jump rope at a moderate pace.

An aerobics room with set up agility stations would help at this point but I’ll try to explain and visualize until I can post pictures up.

-3 hurdles at 4.5’ lined in a row. (The base of grounded punching bags with jump rope tied across)

-An agility ladder.

-Swiss ball

In a continuous circle complete a high jump over each hurdle, have a training partner hold the swiss ball and resist as you drive into the ball to the end of the gym and back. Complete 4 rotations of agilities on the ladder eg. High knees, butt kicks, lateral quickstep, single foot jumps, etc.

Complete this rotation 4 times through and then take a couple sets of just jumping the hurdles, bear crawling through, then jumping through and sprawling.

You have successfully warmed up.

The weighted portion of this workout 2 major explosive exercises and 1 strength exercise super-setted with 3 other exercises.

1.     Drop-down rows. 225lb barbell on ground with an overhand grip, sprawl out and then back to your feet completing a bent over barbell row. 6 reps of maximum explosion.

Super set 1. Bicep hammer curls. 20 reps each arm total at about 25-30 lbs.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

2.     Sumo high-pulls. 135lb barbell on ground with overhand grip and in a sumo-squat stance. Explode up from the squat into a standing upright row as high as you can thrusting your hips forward and onto your toes. 6 reps.

Super set 2. Shoulder shrugs dumbbell or machine, max weight you can handle for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

3.     Romanian dead lift. Standing on a support box holding a 155 lb barbell, bending over flexing your hamstrings with 12 slow contracting reps.

Super set 3. Ab roller, or a swiss ball ab exercise for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before wrapping up with 30 minutes of stair-master steady state cardio.

My hamstrings were/are fried for about 2-3 days after this so make sure you stretch your legs and back out really well after this workout.

Post workout meal

Ideally after a tough training sessions such as this, your post workout meal should consist of a fast acting protein source and a fast digesting carbohydrate. A banana and a whey protein/glutamine shake is perfect immediately following this.

I consider myself a bit of a connossieur in healthy and delicious cooking. I usually make at least one exciting, new dish a week to keep my cooking skills fresh and my creative ideas fresher.

This is my grilled steak kabob with roast garlic, orange bell peppers and red onion. Served with a spinach and cucumber salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Accompanied with a steamy side of fresh broccoli. About 40-50 grams of protein and about 12-15 grams of carbs.

So go out and try this workout and this tasty meal as your delicious reward. Let me know how you all like it!

March 23, 2011, 3:11 am
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This is the first blog I’ve written in a long time. The first time that I’ve written anything really, since Movembs. So this is more of just me finally sitting down at a Starbucks in St. Louis reflecting on the year of our lord, sweet Christ 2010 and what 2011 brings. I will write for as long as 2 venti green teas last me, this is like “Speed 4”.


Statistics and various facts of 2010.

I traveled over 80, 000 km as the crow flies, that’s about twice around the Earth. Unfortunately my odometer clicked away most of them. 2010 was a year about proving myself and making necessary sacrifices to properly advance in the pro-wrestling world. It seems that more wrestlers get signed walking out of a gym these days than after years of hard work on the indies, earning their right to make the main stage. I knew and know what I want to accomplish through wrestling, and the 20 hour solo drives for a ten minute match solidify the fact that I’m earning my place in this sport.

On September 10th 2010 I signed a contract with Ring of Honor, my dream had been realized. ROH is a place where the sport and fire of pro-wrestling is still alive and well. Everything that I believe about in wrestling and the reason I’m proud to say I’m a pro-wrestler is backed by what ROH represents.

I made my United Kingdom debut in 2010 for Fight Club: Pro, in Wolverhampton, England. A true class group of people run FCP and I’d like to thank Martin, Ben, Adam and Laura for treating me like family while I nervously ventured into my first overseas wrestling tour.

What else happened in 2010? Looking back on a year when 2011 is almost a quarter past will surely cause me to neglect some facts and stories. OH! Canada once again proved hockey dominance in the 2010 Winter Olympic games from my hometown of Vancouver, BC! Just had to throw that out there.

Top 5 matches of 2010:

5. Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole (Chikara Young Lions cup. Reading, PA August 25 2010)

Working with Adam again was a true pleasure and we again had instant chemistry. Little did I know how close we would actually become..

4. Kyle O’Reilly vs Ricochet (IPW Super Junior Heavyweight tournament. Indianapolis, IN November ????)

A step above our “Evolve 5” match, the finals of the IPW SJHT, sooo much fun!

3. Kyle O’Reilly vs TJP (ROH Tag title classic II. Plymouth, MA December 18, 2010)

I feel I grow as a wrestler so much every time I wrestle TJ, the guy is an absolute workhorse. Not sure if it was as good as our “Evolve 3” match, but I give it the edge because I felt like I had improved since our previous bout.

2. Kyle O’Reilly vs Bobby Fish (Evolve 6. Union City, NJ November 20, 2010)

What a war. Can’t wait to see this one on tape, a true fight in every sense of the word. Our first match meant so much because it was the first match on the first evolve show, but this was a battle at a whole new level. I was bruised, beat, broken and scarred after this.

1. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole vs The All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus. (ROH Final Battle 2010. New York City, NY December 19, 2010)

This such an important moment in my career. My New York City debut. Across the street from Madison Square Garden in the heart of Manhattan. Live on Pay-per-view I was ungodly nervous for weeks building up to this match. Once it was go time, the butterflies had fled. I reflected on what I had done to get to this point and realized I was just going to do what I had always done up to this point. Needless to say, the four of us tore it up and opened the show with a bang. Very proud of this match, and a huge moment for Adam and myself.

My Venti green teas are long since finished and I once again put this blog to the side for far too long. I sit now on a plane to St. Louis from Atlanta. I came to Atlanta via Paris, France. Paris, via Dusseldorf, Germany. Dusseldorf via London, England. Wrestling is starting to take me all over the world and I am extremely thankful for that opportunity.

My second wrestling related tour of England was an eventful one. Adam Cole had been there for several weeks already working all over the country. Martin Zaki from Fight club: Pro and Adam picked me up from Manchester, International and 11 days in Europe began. Our first match was for FCP at “The Planet” nightclub in Wolverhampton. Adam and myself teamed up to fight Lee and Jim Hunter in what fans who attended are calling the UK match of the year. In all honesty it was a glorified “spot fest” in every sense of the term, but the Hunters worked extremely hard, we all did, and I’m proud of the match. Sami Callihan would later face Trent Seven on the show. Sami is a wicked dude with an extremely explosive and hard-hitting offense. The three of us would join El Generico and venture south to Kent for IPW:UK. Adam and myself took on Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scurll in a battle for tag-team supremacy. Zack and Marty are both phenomenal workers and I think we were all really proud of the match.

With a couple days off aside from a bar show on Tuesday, the four of us would venture into London for some sightseeing. The British Bulldog’s theme music constantly humming from my mouth. The complete chronicles of Bagpuss. A cursed British children’s show character would cause us more harm than good. Visiting Abbey Road was an experience in it’s own right. The ordeal of getting a successful recreation of the famous Abbey Road Beatle’s album cover would prove exhausting. After several failed attempts from various locals and other tourists it would be the Ghost of John Lennon who would finally show up to provide our photographic needs. We didn’t even ask him is the weird thing. He just kind of showed up and told us he would take the picture. It was only after he vanished that we realized that his resemblance to John Lennon was uncanny. Bizarre.

RyanAir is shite. What a shitty airline is all I can say. Just gash. Ghastly service and quality. But I guess you get what you pay for, which in this case was nothing. The seats don’t even recline!

Germany is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. For it’s historical significance alone was worth the trip, but to wrestle in this country was truly something special. Getting off the plane I had a strange realization that this was once the most hostile country on the planet. It’s funny how things change over time, because everyone in Germany was extremely nice and helpful despite the language barrier. I had always seen the WXW videos of the crazy fans in huge numbers crowded against the ring pounding the mat. No chairs, just hundreds of rowdy, drunk German wrestling fans singing and shouting and loving every moment of us loving every moment of what we do. Wrestling in Germany reminded me of why I became a wrestler.

I would wrestle in a random 4 way on night 1 that was nothing special. A botched tornado DDT was probably the highlight of the match, “I meant to do that!” I exclaimed. Night 2 would see me and Adam wrestle Eli Sitochi and El Generico in a tag. I was nervous and excited to wrestle El Generico, he is a guy I have huge amounts of respect for. A true ROH legend in my eyes, and wrestling him ended up being so much fun! Night 3 would pit a rematch of the Leaders (Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr.) versus Adam Cole and myself in the semi main event. I gotta give credit to the German fans for this one, they made it a truly special atmosphere. Every stiff strike, body twisting submission and devastating bump was greeted with an “OOHHH HEEEYYYY YAAAAA” from the 500 plus faithful. Fans pounding the ring in excitement helped provide that big fight aura that reminded me how capturing people’s emotions is what the sport of pro-wrestling is all about. The match was wicked and getting to tangle with Marty and Zack one more time in Europe before the trips end was the perfect way to cap off an amazing 11 days.

Almost back to St. Louis, three days of hard training await and then I’ll return to Boston and New York for ROH. No rest for the weary. Looking forward to keeping the blog updated more often now. Back by popular demand. Training tips and meals will be my next update.

Czech Interview
February 28, 2011, 11:35 pm
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Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while since my last blog update so I thought I’d start off again getting the ball rolling by posting an interview I did for a wrestling website in the Czech Republic. I’m working on getting some new blogs up soon, with my return to England and my debut in Germany!!


Kyle O’Reilly interview for Art of

Od David Pávek 23.2.2011, English, Exkluzivní rozhovory, Ostatní

Kyle_ikonkaKyle O’Reilly is young talent, that enrolled in the minds of fans by using his MMA-like style of wrestling, adapted from his mentor and friend Davey Richards. This native of Vancouver took a break from making people tap out and answered our questions.

What do you remember about your first match in pro-wrestling?
My first match in pro-wrestling was a Battle Royal in October 2005 involving myself and the group of wrestling students that I had/was training with from our local wrestling school. My first actual match was oddly enough a 6 man tag in a cage. It was an all cage match show and again it involved the group of guys I trained with.

Who are your idols in pro-wrestling?
My Idols in wrestling range from Dynamite Kid, Toshiaki Kawada, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Kenta Kobashi.

What can you say about your mentor Davey Richards?
Davey, in my opinion, is the hardest working guy in professional wrestling. He is constantly pushing the threshold, setting the standard for work rate, and he trains constantly always looking to improve himself. He demonstrates a dedication to the sport and everything he pursues unmatched by anyone.

What do you consider the best matches in your career to date?
As far as best matches go, it’s hard to pinpoint any. I feel like I’m constantly trying to improve myself so a match that I loved a few years or even months ago, I could look back at the footage and despise. I’m very critical and analytical of my work, but my favorite opponents include Billy Suede, TJ Perkins, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish among many others.

You’re sort of a „MMA Crossover“ type of wrestler, using big variety of lethal kicks and submissions. Did you ever think about possible MMA career after you retire from pro-wrestling? And if not MMA, what would your career look like outside of wrestling ring?
Well Davey and I currently train 5 days a week at a reputable MMA gym, so we definitely are prepared for the crossover of sports. I’m not oppose to fighting in MMA, but my main passion and goal is pro-wrestling. I never would have got into MMA if not for pro-wrestling so I’ve made wrestling my top priority for now. As far as other careers are concerned I’ve taken an interest in environmental design and landscape architecture.

In your opinion, which hold of your submission arsenal is the most painful or hardest to escape from?
I have a really strong triangle choke that is pretty difficult to get out of, especially when I start to elbow your head. A lot of the submissions I use are legitimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Catch Wrestling holds so they are designed to end a fight, making a simple arm bar extremely effective.

You and Adam Cole became great tag team in ROH in last few months. What are your thoughts on pairing of you and Adam, do you see you and Adam becoming tag team champions in ROH this year?
Tagging with Adam Cole has been awesome. He is such an insanely talented guy and our styles and concept of pro-wrestling mesh really well together. As far as the titles go, I’m more excited of the potential matches still within ROH that we could have. The Briscoes, Kings of Wrestling and American Wolves are all possible matches that would help us grow so well as a team.

What future do you predict for ROH, after it ends it’s TV run on HDNet?
I think ROH will continue to grow and continue to put on a quality product. I’m extremely thankful to be a part of this organization and I’m excited for it’s future.

What are your thoughts on EVOLVE, where it’s less about the storylines and way more about hard hitting wrestling and win-loss records?
There is a ton of hardworking, talented guys in EVOLVE. I think it’s something different in pro-wrestling, I just hope they get to do a lot more shows in 2011.

Evolve_Kyle2Who was the pro-biggest wrestling legend you’ve met, in the ring or outside of it?
I met Terry Funk backstage at Glory By Honor IX and he is by far the biggest legend I’ve met. An absolutely genuine, class act of a guy that was super nice. A true honor to have met him.

While not being in the ring, what do you enjoy the most? What are your „hobbies“?
I live a very training orientated lifestyle, Kick boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and weight lifting are all activities that I participate in regularly. Listening to music and reading helps me relax and I love to cook and eat!

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? If not, have you ever heard about our country, do you want to visit it someday?
Of course! Dominik Hasek was one of my favorite goalies growing up! The Czech Republic and Canada are big hockey nations so there was always a rivalry there in the Olympics, especially in 98′ when you guys kicked our butts! I have a lot of Czech friends and I would love to one day visit and see Prague.

What does the phrase „Art of Wrestling“ associate you?
Wrestling is an art form. Anything that can capture somebodies attention and emotions and make them invest their senses into something should be considered art. I love being a pro-wrestler and creating a collection of art that I can one day look back on and be proud of.

In what position do you see yourself after one year from this day?
One year from now I hope to still be healthy and rising the ranks within ROH. Increasing international experience and getting to perform quality matches to the best of my ability. Lots more traveling I hope!

November 15, 2010, 11:59 pm
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All the breath is extracted from my lungs as I land directly on my head. I struggle to catch my breath and the lactic acid makes my legs feel like they weigh a thousand pounds. A sudden contemplation comes on like a sting in the back of my neck. I shun the desire to quit out of my head before it even has the chance to mature into an actual thought. I’ve never quit anything before in my life. “Get up, get up!” I tell myself, there isn’t much time. I can see Ricochet climbing the turnbuckle, fight or flight. I rush only to be met with another kick to the head and I tumble once again, in the match and in the EVOLVE rankings.

The following is 100% true. I remember first meeting Bobby Fish at the Harley Race/Pro-Wrestling NOAH camp in Eldon, Missouri in September 2008. He was the American representative for NOAH. I remember during a striking/”heat” drill I timed myself to slide into the ring as he did so that I could prove to the Japanese guys that I belonged amongst them. They were the reason I saved up that summer to make the camp, they were the reason I became a wrestler. I immediately blasted Fish with a stiff forearm to the neck. A thunderous crack echoed to the silence and awkwardness that swept over the other campers. Bobby retaliated and would proceed to kick my ass for the remainder of the drill. Elbows to my jaw and kicks to my chest would drop me to my knees and my ego to its very foundation. I learned a valuable lesson that day. It was time to re-build.

It was now January 2010. The rumbling of an anxious crowd’s energy transcends to behind the curtain. It is the first show of a brand new revolutionary wrestling company. It’s time for the first match in EVOLVE history and I walk to the ring accompanied by butterflies and Tony Kozina. I know I’m ready and I stand across the ring from a fighter who has one goal in mind: To knock me out. I battle with Bobby Fish and am declared the victor. To this day I still consider this the most important match thus far in my career. I remember being interviewed after the match by Lenny Leonard, which would later be cut from the DVD release. “Bobby Fish is an amazing competitor and anytime he wants a rematch, I’m down.”

Since EVOLVE 5 I’ve taken necessary precautions to avoid another loss in an EVOLVE ring. Another win can set me back on track towards supremacy in this company, a loss will leave my EVOLVE future in question. 6 am HIIT cardio sessions, 12 pm kickboxing class and sparring, 6 pm weight lifting and stretching, 7:30 pm Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu class. It is no secret that I am more prepared for this match than any other EVOLVE match I’ve had the honour of competing in.

It is now November 2010. EVOLVE 6 is a mere days away and Bobby Fish will get his rematch with Kyle O’Reilly. Despite having show stealing matches, Fish has found himself with a losing record of 0-4. He is hungry and in desperate need of a win. Desperate times call for desperate measures, this makes Bobby Fish is an extremely dangerous man. He has a family that he needs to feed and I am potentially the man that stands in his way. His back is up against the wall and like a rabid dog he will be forced to bite. However, There is no open space behind my back. After a successful start in EVOLVE I have lost my last few fights pitting me in a losing streak of my own. We both stand, backs against the wall, facing each other in a narrow corridor. Nose to nose, eye to eye, fist to jaw, foot to chest, elbow to neck, back to mat, 1 to 3.

Bobby, if you’re reading this… I hope you feel a mutual respect for me and for the sport that we both have an undying passion and love for. I hope you have been training hard for this match and you make sure to get a good rest on Friday night. I want the absolute best of Bobby Fish because I know this will be nothing short of an epic contest to determine who EVOLVE’s best fighter is. I use that term with confidence because I know as well as you that is exactly what we will both bring to the table come Saturday night. The fight. I will give you the fight of my life and I have no regret to inform you that it will end with my hand being raised. Kyle O’Reilly 3-2.



Shameless plug
September 21, 2010, 2:45 am
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Hello interweb. I’ve been kind of lazy lately on the blog front so I figure I’ll let someone else do the work for me. Gabe Sapolsky wrote a great blog about the life, mind and times of a promoter/booker on the day of an important show. Gabe (EVOLVE and DGUSA) truly has a mind and passion for the professional wrestling business unmatched by anyone I have ever met, please check out his blog and give it the support it deserves. The best part about it, it mentions me!

September 4, 2010, 10:48 pm
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It’s been four long months since I last stepped into an EVOLVE ring. I stepped in knowing I was in for the fight of my life. I stepped in without the accompaniment of my mentor and my trainer. However, as I stepped in with confidence, resilience and the desire to compete only to step out in bitter defeat. TJP took me to the limit, as I did to him, only for myself to tap out. There shouldn’t be any shame in tapping out due to pain, “live to fight another day, avoid permanent damage.” Familiar phrases commentators and fighters alike often quote.  I can’t help but feel a sense of shame and disappointment. I was supposed to rise, not too fall, follow a path of undefeated supremacy amongst EVOLVE’s elite. I remember driving home from Rahway, looking into a blackened eye in the rear view mirror. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise I thought. Put my ego in check and bring me back to the foundation level of improvement and learning. I’ve studied the footage, trained harder and mentally prepared to continue in my personal quest of evolution.

They say the process of evolution began in the Ocean. Picture the wrestling business in general as the Ocean and the EVOLVE locker room as dry land. The Ocean is teeming with life and dry land is relatively uninhabited. Eventually a creature from the sea would venture onto dry land, the conditions are harsh, volatile and met with an enormous gravitational pull. After crawling a few inches onto land, the creature would return to the Ocean where it could live in ease amongst its peers. Eventually the creature would return continuously, developing lungs and feet, adapting to the extreme foreign environment. It’s odd and unlikely that a being would venture into such alien conditions unless compelled to do so by a situation of crises. A body of water receding over time may have forced animals to evolve, such as wrestling continues to grow stagnant and factory over time. It is now a time for the evolutionary process to be sped up at an incredible rate never before witnessed. The evolution of a sport, a style and an art. I can see and feel myself evolving, refusing to wait in the Ocean and drown amongst the breaking waves. I refuse to sink, I choose to swim. Not only will I venture onto land, develop and grow, I will climb the highest mountain that the earth has created. A challenging feat to say the very least, but the passion and desire is undying, willing me towards the base of a steady incline. No team of Sherpa’s or oxygen will be needed, I am alone now.

Which brings me to EVOLVE V. Or 5. Roman numerals make everything more epic, like the Rocky films. But yeah, EVOLVE 5, September 11th, Rahway, NJ. Ricochet. An unlikely pairing and a clash of styles. Ricochet is the ultimate testament to evolution in the world of pro-wrestling. He moves with precision and can fly through the air like a bird of prey. I recall my jaw dropping as I witnessed his performance against Johnny Gargano, it was as if the law of physics was non-existent causing Sir Isaac Newton to piss in disbelief. How does one keep a man like Ricochet grounded? To prevent his offensive attack I must counter his inane ability to take to the air. I’ll have to find a way to keep my head up, keeping my eyes above the ring’s equator yet keep my chin tucked in to avoid the knockout from his unexpected kicks. I envision myself separating Ricochet’s head from his shoulders with a lariat only to reunite said shoulders to the mat for a satisfying 3 seconds. I visualize Ricochet’s kick rattled ankle and knee grinding and crunching within my arms as I squeeze and twist his joint until the sound of tapping is heard over a horrified crowd. Visualization is key in the success of any sport, I mull over the outcome in my mind. It could end a number of ways, yet the same name will be announced as the victor. Kyle O’Reilly. 3-1.

For more theories of evolution and overcoming the egoic mind, please read “A new Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.